Medication reminders via “smart” bottle cap and app – utilization in clinical research?

Business Wire Medicine Bottle

Smart Bottle?Pharmacy Delivery Service

According to a new report in Forbes, the start-up,?Circadian Design, has?innovated medication, vitamin, and refill reminders by combining a few old ideas. ?The new service is called?Round Refill?and?the reminders are generated?via a connection between a medication?bottle cap and?an app on your mobile.??


Pre-Ordering Available

Business Wire is reporting that “Round Refill” is the “first pharmacy delivery service w/ smart bottle for meds & vitamins” and that it is “now taking pre-orders.”?


Adherence & Implications for Clinical Research

Round Refill will undoubtedly positively impact medication adherence rates in the general population. ?I wonder whether it will be feasible (i.e., cost-effective) for utilization in clinical research studies. ?

To try to get a sense of affordability, I?clicked on their ordering form?and “Android” as my mobile type, however the pop-up indicated that the technology is only supported by Apple iOS at this point. ?So, I selected “Apple iOS” and?entered my zip code. ?Instead of an order form, a?dialogue box popped up that said?”Darn. We’re not available there – yet.”

Will continue to follow this important technology.