Project Manager Salaries – results from PMI survey

PMI Salary Survey

Results are in from the PMI Project Management Salary Survey.

Of the 34?countries for which data are?reported, those with the?five highest total compensation for Project Managers are?Switzerland, Australia, United States, United Kingdom, and New Zealand.

In addition to data by country, tables present salaries?by years of experience, ?PMP certification, position (e.g., Director of?PM/PMO vs PM Consultant), project size and average project budget.

The authors note that “median salary varied greatly depending on a number of key demographic factors, the greatest of which?are the following:

  • Country of employment
  • Number of years of experience in project management
  • PMP? Certification Status
  • Position/role
  • Average size of projects managed, including average project budget and average project team size”

A lot of data to dig into. ?Enjoy!

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